Avenza Map Store Analytics

Over the past several months, Three Scale Strategy has been uploading maps onto the Avenza Map Store site.  Our maps we uploaded are free of charge to use.  These maps range from showing the Columbus Metro Area to the whole world.  In that time, we have uploaded 19 maps. Those 19 maps have a cumulative total of over 2300 downloads as of October 31st.  These downloads have come from a total of 98 countries and territories throughout the world.  Avenza allows us to access IP addresses of those who have downloaded our maps.  In the last month, I have complied, researched, and created data showing which countries have been downloading our maps and by their geographic coordinates.  The first map below shows which countries have been downloading our maps.

Avenza Analytics by Country Small


The top five countries that have downloaded the most maps had some surprises.  Though the easy guesses were the United States, Canada, and Australia, the next two were Colombia and Italy.  I was surprised that Colombia had the fourth highest number of downloads.  This is due to the large number of downloads of our Global Transportation Map from Colombia.  Another interpretation of the map are the lack of downloads from Africa compared to South America and Europe.  A big disappointment was the lack of downloads from Japan in comparison to China, South Korea, and Taiwan.  The table below shows the top ten countries by their number of downloads.

Top Countries with Downloads Chart

The next map shows the general location of where our maps were downloaded.  Some of the highest concentration of downloads include the Eastern United States, the west coast of the United States, the Quebec City – Windsor Corridor in Canada, and the Blue Banana Region in Central Europe.

Avenza Analytics by Location Small


The final two maps feature the respected states and provinces of the United States and Canada.  The first below show the number of downloads in each state.  Out of the 863 downloads from the United States, only 798 downloads could only be mapped by their state.  California leads the most number of downloads with 121 followed by Ohio, New York, Texas, and New Jersey.  Four states that have zero downloads include Delaware, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Avenza Analytics US Small


The second map shows the number of downloads in each Canadian province.  There were 275 downloads from Canada.  The province of Ontario has the most number of downloads with 155 followed by Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.  Three provinces and territories that have zero downloads include Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Avenza Analytics Canada Small