Duke University Alumni in Ohio

Where are today’s university alumni living in? In a rural township or in a major municipality?  This next blog post focuses on the number of Duke University alumnus living in the state of Ohio.  Before we delve into identify and mapping Duke alumni, one needs some background information about Duke University.  Duke University is a private university located in Durham, North Carolina.  Durham is a part of the Triangle Area consisting of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.  With the university being located in North Carolina, it is easy to conclude that most of the alumni would reside in the state of North Carolina and a state such as Ohio would have fewer alumni compared to North Carolina.  As of 2010, the total number of Duke alumni living in the state of Ohio is 2,794.  Areas where we identify Duke alumnus living, for example, include municipalities within the city of Columbus and in townships such as West Chester Township in Butler County.  In total, there are 277 municipalities and townships that Duke University has records of Duke alumni residing in throughout the state of Ohio.  The map below reveals the general population of Duke alumni and where they are living throughout the state of Ohio.


What the map reveals above shows that a sizable population of Duke alumni live in these three cities: Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.  All three have more than 100 Duke alumnus.  The municipality with the most alumni is Cincinnati with 518 alumnus.  Although cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus have the most, some of the alumni might be living outside of the municipal boundaries.  Colerain Township and Sharonville both located in Hamilton County both register with zero alumni.  It could be easier for an alumni who lives near a major city to say he/she resides in that city.  Reason behind this might be geographic favoritism or city recognition.  Outside of the three largest cities in Ohio, a number of Duke alumni reside in suburbs or in the largest municipalities in one of the state’s 88 counties.  Municipalities such as Athens, Bowling Green, Granville, Marietta, Oxford, and Wooster register a bigger number of Duke alumni compared to other sizable municipalities in the state.  This can be attributed to the location of a college or university in those municipalities. Some alumnus in these college towns might have occupations as graduate students, researchers, or professors.  The chart below shows the six largest metropolitan areas in Ohio and their number of Duke alumnus residing.


The largest metro area in Ohio with Duke alumnus is the Cincinnati Metro Area with 740 Duke alumnus.  This number would have been even bigger if counties in Indiana and Kentucky that are also a part of the Cincinnati Metro Area were included.  The proceeding order of metro areas with Duke alumni following Cincinnati are Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Akron, and Toledo.  The percentage of Duke Alumni living in the six largest metro areas in Ohio is 87.4%.  It can be concluded that a majority of Duke alumnus in Ohio are living in the city proper or in the metro area.