Healthcare in the Columbus Metro Area

In the last few years, the variety of healthcare in Columbus has changed dramatically. New hospitals open, older hospitals keep expanding, and physicians young and old have opened up new practices to better serve the populous.  There were over 1,300 physicians and/or practices recorded in the Columbus Metro Area.  Out of that 1,300, over 900 of these physicians and/or practices are located in Franklin County alone!  The next several maps below show the location of hospitals and the location of physicians in respect to the distance from a hospital in the Columbus Metro Area.

The first map below shows the locations of the hospitals in the Columbus Metro Area with an emphasis to Downtown Columbus shown on the map below.  Recent additions include Dublin Methodist in Franklin County in 2007 and the Diley Ridge Medical Center in 2010 in northwest Fairfield County.  The map reveals a need to serve residents with medical care in the suburbs. Moreover, recent hospital expansions at the Wexner Medical Center, Nationwide Children’s, Mount Carmel – St. Ann’s, and Riverside Methodist show that medical care is still vital for the well-being and the economic growth for the Columbus Metro Area.  Most counties outside of Franklin County with the exception of Fairfield County have at least one hospital.  The sole hospital for each county is located within the city boundaries of the county seat.  Diley Ridge Medical Center located in Canal Winchester, opened in 2010 to serve residents in Canal Winchester, Pickerington, and areas in northwest Fairfield County.  Franklin County boasts the most hospitals in the Columbus Metro Area with eleven hospitals.  Out of the eleven hospitals, nine of the hospitals are a general hospital and the other two (Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Mount Carmel – New Albany) provide pediatric care and specialty surgical care respectfully. Three general hospitals (Mount Carmel – West, Grant Medical Center, and Nationwide Children’s Hospital are located in Downtown Columbus.



The following six maps focus on the top four medical professions: family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, and pediatrician.  The first map shows all four medical professions on the same map while the next four maps show each profession separately.  Of the top four medical professions in the Columbus Metro Area, there are 351 family practices, 106 internal medicine practices, 46 OB/GYNs, and 65 pediatricians.

The last two maps show the general location of a physician practice relative to the location of the hospital in the Columbus Metro Area with another zoomed in on Franklin County.  There were two buffers we looked at to calculate the percentage of practices near a hospital.  These buffers are located at each hospital.  The first buffer was set at one mile from the hospital and the second buffer was set at three miles from the hospital.  At one mile or less from the hospital, the percentage is 49.1%, and at three miles or less from the hospital, the percentage is 76%.  Thus the majority of all physician practices in the Columbus Metro Area reside within three miles of a hospital.  Still there are clusters of physicians in Southern Delaware County and in Grove City in Southern Franklin County that are more than three miles away from a hospital. Whether it’s OhioHealth, Berger Health, or Mount Carmel, the construction of hospitals in Grove City and in Southern Delaware County may need to come to fruition in the coming years to better serve the needs of changing population movements.

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